What do we do?

Post-Foundational Contemporary Thought is a research group which studies the challenges of contemporary Continental philosophy in the last decades, placing special attention to critical developments in political theory, aesthetics and feminism in order to think about the ontological and anthropological foundations of Western societies.

Its purpose is to develop a genealogy of thought during the second half of the XXth century and the first decades of the XXIst, with a particular interest in the legacies of post-structuralism  (deconstruction, psychoanalysis and bipolitics) in the 70s, in order to elaborate what Foucault defined as an “ontology of the present”. To develop this task, our research uses the term “postfoundational”, coined by Olivier Marchart in 2006, as a key to read the history of recent philosophy, establishing guidelines and assessing its ability to understand the discomforts of our time and  in order to outline alternative horizons for life in common.

The PCP research group took over in 2020 from the critical work carried out by the Chair of Contemporary Philosophy –founded in 2011 in Barcelona. It is made up of researchers in contemporary philosophy, political science, feminism, art theory and comparative literature belonging to different national universities and international institutions such as the Université de Paris VIII, the University of California, the University of Buenos Aires and the Catholic University of Valparaíso. Likewise, Post-Foundational Contemporary Thought collaborates with other international research groups such as the Decontra group, the Ibero-American Foucault Network, the SoCrit group: Southern California Working Group “Hispanism/Critical Thought”, the Laboratoire d’études et de recherches sur les Logiques Contemporaines from Philosophie, the NosOtros Network and the Archeologies of the Future group.

El proyecto de investigación Pensamiento Contemporáneo Posfundacional: Análisis teórico-crítico de las ontologías contemporáneas de la negatividad y la cuestión de la violencia del fundamento (PID2020-117069GB-I00) se desarrolla como parte de la investigación realizada en el Grupo de investigación SGR “Crisis of Practical Reason”.